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What Will Happen to You? A dark comedy about a reluctant accountant who wishes he was someone else, doing something else, being somewhere else, but who, what and where?


We track Robbie Carton’s descent from his mind- numbing accounting job to...? Well, something else probably, but before that, he has to escape his life, the tarantula, Paris, an office full of absurdity, the outback, wheelie bins and of course, Bentley, Robbie’s boss and natural enemy according to Robbie. Even if he manages all that, will he ever find a way to tell Sophie he loves her?


What Will Happen To You? is funny, complex, intriguing, and a mystery in the same way that the meaning of life is a mystery - assuming, of course, that life has meaning. According to Gary it might not. The novel asks penetrating questions, like 'how do you throw your boomerang away when it's reached the end of its usefulness', or 'what’s the point of a colander when it leaks like a sieve'. Stuff like that. You will follow the life of Robbie Carton, accountant, writer, existentialist, and a drunk, albeit functioning, just. He might also be a romantic, not that he’d admit that.



First review in from the internationally renowned American prize-winning literary author, Dunleavy de Boston (One Hot Summer’s Night - a novel):


"I hate Gary N. Lines, he’s too good, a genius - he’s the writer I always wanted to be. This is the best novel I’ve read in years. Laughed my ass off, cried, marvelled.  His prose will manage you - every word is working the narrative, and you, the reader. Watch out, that’s all I can say."


Dunleavy de Boston Author, Bon Vivant, Wealthy.


[Disclaimer: I know Lines, he’s a friend. I like to think he’s a friend, but he’s a prick though. He’s a real prick. Still the novel is brilliant. Bastard!]


PS. And there’s no way I nicked his BBQ.


“I’m sure I could have been quicker but I found I needed to read it slowly, and bit by bit. I think I usually skim read but I couldn’t with this.


Post modernism, the self and the other-self, no empirical truth just context, meta fiction, the unreliable narrators … the unreliable author. None of which I knew much about. I really enjoyed this. And I was fascinated by the way it folds in on itself, unrelenting in the parallel streams of conscious and unconscious thoughts, and the way you explore longing and unrequited desire. Bleak, certainly, but also adroit. It is complex and layered and I found reading it was a bit like a hall of distorted mirrors. Intriguing and destabilising. It's an epic read and dare I say a demanding read.


I especially loved the part with Robbie in the mines. And Sophie in Paris. And the different cities with their very different energies but which sort of melded as well. And the city heat and the ominous darkened spaces like cells. And the brooding feeling of it all. I’m in awe of your intelligence and the black humour that shines through it.”


… Sarah Sutherland - Actor, Producer. Melbourne, Australia.

'What Will Happen To You?' A Novel by Gary N. Lines (Signed Author Copy)

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