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Gary N. Lines

Gary’s approach to writing, as in life, can be summed up in his wry response to his mother’s forlorn enquiry as to what he actually does?   “I think.” 


Doing Life In Paradise, his first published novel, culminates years of writing, observation and thinking about the human condition and absurdity.  The novel highlights a mature and intelligent writing voice, infused with sardonic wit and pathos, but most of all, as with any keen observer of life, mandatory cynicism.


Born and educated in Adelaide Australia, Gary Lines has lived in Sydney, New York and Los Angeles, and finished this novel in Paris. In addition to a Masters degree in creative writing at Flinders University in Adelaide, Gary has studied at the New York University and the New School in New York. He has previously written for the television series Twisted Tales; in addition to successes in short story competitions, his work has been performed by the Queensland Theatre Company and also featured in the acclaimed Australian Book Review

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